I’m Struggling to Write a Book

I want to write a book, but I can’t seem to pour from my brain onto paper.

Felishia La-Shae


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I have so many ideas that swirl around in my brain. I want to put them on paper, but I struggle to put words down. I gather enough information for the plot and the main character. I start building upon the main character and adding to the plot through notes, but when it comes to adding dialogue and descriptions, I’m just lost.

The Block

Picture this! I’m sitting in my living room and I have my notebook. I’m writing down tons of notes. I’m pumped! I’m excited! I take the notebook over to my desk where my computer is and I write like two sentences and then I just stare. The blank, white screen with twenty words on it just stares back at me. I feel like it's taunting me.

I don't get it.

Why is it so hard to just put my ideas on paper?

Part of me thinks that I am scared of the book not being good enough. I think I feel like if I write an entire book, nobody will want to read it or like it. I do understand that it shouldn’t matter what other people think of my writing. I get that. 100 %. However, one of the writing goals that I want to accomplish is to create a world that readers can get lost in when they read my books.

I want the reader to escape from reality into a book that I’ve written. I want to save other readers as previous authors did for me. I want to give hope through my writing. I want to inspire other readers to write their own stories and build their own worlds.

The Negative Spiral

When I reach the point where I’m so frustrated that I could throw my computer, the negative spiral occurs. I start having thoughts that tell me that I’m reaching for something unreachable. This spiral makes me think that maybe I am not capable of writing a book. Maybe I am not creative enough to build my own world. It’s vicious.

I will tell you that I’m getting better at recognizing this spiral and shutting it down. I do know that I am capable of anything that I set my mind to. I’m aware of my passion for writing and I know I should pursue it.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m not giving up.

To all the other writers out there struggling, I feel your pain. I feel your frustration. I know what it’s like to sit in front of a blank screen with a brain full of ideas.

Do this one thing for me: Don’t Give Up!



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